Reactoonz is one of the top 50 most popular slot machines in the world. For example, in Sweden in May 2021 it was in the top 10 in terms of popularity and in Finland in May 2021 it was ranked 15th. This means that players have figured out how to win with Reactoonz.


You can actually build a strategy for Reactoonz. We played around 2000 rounds of the official demo at a well-known licensed casino. The dirty payout system, which involves managing your bankroll and betting changes, has become clear.

Next, you’ll learn how much money to set aside, how much to bet per spin and how long the session should last. We tell you the real-life, non-fictional Reactoonz secrets. The most important one has to do with choosing where to play.

Slot machines have different payouts at different online casinos. It ranges from 80-97%. Why is this the case? Read more.


Reactoonz: basic features

The playing field is 7×7. No lines. The game has 8 icons:

4 high values and a maximum payout of 75-750 total bets for the combination;
4 low value (3-10 bets in total).

A combination (cluster) can have 5-15 elements.

Special symbols:

Random Wild (random substitute player or wild). Rainbow ball-shaped icons appear approximately every 10th round in numbers 4-8. The feature is called “choppy”.
Giant Wild (block substitute), also called Gargantuan. Its size is 2 × 2. It must be earned during the game. Expect it to appear after 150-200 rounds.
Multuplier x2 (multiplier). Doubles the payout of a combination. The multiplier symbol always appears in place of the 2 × 2 jackpot.

There is no scatter symbol.


Reactoonz How to win

There is a way to cheat Reactoonz, or rather, to take advantage of additional information against a particular casino.

The official RTP (return to player) of the Reactoonz machine is 80-97%. It can be set by the gambling community in agreement with the provider.

In such a situation, the tactics of choosing an online casino are crucial. When the RTP is ~92% or lower, it is not possible to make a deposit at Reaastoonz.

A minimum of 1000 spins in simulator mode is mandatory before you start playing slots. The payout percentage will become roughly clear. Make sure you run the Reactoonz demo on the Play’n Go website.

There is no RTP specified in the official rules of the machine. An implicit endorsement of the 96-97% payout rate is the prohibition on spinning the slot’s bonuses. There are some establishments that explicitly state the RTP on the game’s label. For example, Riobet.

We divided the test into sets of 100 shots. During 2000 test rounds with 96% RTP, we found the following:

High probability of losing 60-65 bets (this was the case in 7 out of 20 series);
Possibly 2-3 such series in a row;
A win of more than 100 bets is paid approximately every 200th round.

Let’s outline a rough strategy:

Immediately plan to play 200 rounds with the goal of getting a Big/Mega Win > 100 bets.
If it works, take the winnings and quit the game / take a break.
If 200 rounds lose, raise the bet and plan to play another 200 rounds.

This system requires at least 600 total initial bets.


How to play Reactoonz

Playing Reactoonz for real money is simple. Once you’ve made a deposit, all you need to do is choose how much you want to bet using the coin value bar at the bottom of the screen. Bets can be made for as little as 20 cents per spin, either on a mobile device or on a PC or laptop. Once you’ve decided how much you want to bet, click either the ‘spin’ button or the ‘auto spin’ button. Your foreigners will then drop into the screen. If you have a combination of five or more matching aliens, it counts as a win. These alien symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols. The aliens cascade until there are no more winning combinations.

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