Review: Playing Reactoonz is too much fun

Mike G:

Undoubtedly the first part of Reactoonz became legendary in the entire Gamble, because all the qualities are present here. 1- Good graphics and animation in general, nothing lags. 2 – Payouts are good, sometimes can give the Giants 2 times in a row, but the slot is very reluctant to give the amount of more than x300, before I brought half a year through the day)

Review: Reactoonz is quite mysterious slot

Clara M:

Quite a mysterious slot, let me tell you, and at the same time unique. The original design of the slot and additional features of the game attract many people. There are no game lines a priori, maximum you can win up to x750 bets. As soon as a winning combination is collected, the symbols begin to come to life and one of them goes into a special space tank to see how much it will bring payouts. Winning combinations of the slot are formed from 5 identical pictures. As the wild symbol-electric ball. Manufacturer writes that the percentage return slot 96%, but I do not know. Played many times, not once he did not give me any more or less good multiplication, because I have many, many times tried to unpack the slot, even at a small rate of 8 rubles, and never saw anything. Someone turns out to be lucky and gets a big win in it even without really draining the balance, I think just lucky. The game itself is rather slow and monotonous, boring and that has not enticed me in this slot lately. Sometimes I try to play it all the same, not long, see how it plays, keeps the balance, then leave as always with nothing, but this is not the end of our battle with it.

Review: Reactoonz is a powerful game!

Kalman 22:

Completely agree with the review below – this slot breakthrough in slots pleingo when only reactunz came out, I twirled him without stopping… really like the last battery when the horny jumps out, could incidentally not bad soedenit with symbols x2. I lack in it the minimum bet of 4 rubles, I would then certainly with him not going out… too much too wildly and furiously he sometimes eats and 8 rubles can roll away 4-5 k rubles with ease. In general, I love and fear at the same time.

Review: Play’n’go diamond

Mister X:

One of the best creations Play n Go. I used to look for a casino where you can spin 8 rubles in this slot. Since the small spinning. When I found the goal was to catch his x1000 in it. When around all charges in it: the one in the screenshot in facebook, then one streamer charges, the other. I also had a burning desire. And I was lucky enough to catch in x900 for 8 rubles. The joy is full of pants. Beautiful slot.

Review: I am so lucky with Gargantoon


Constantly I have a war with this gargatun, at first eats x200 then finally jump out and give x40 … As 1 time caught x1000 so nothing else in it and did not see! Recently, I’m afraid of this slot as fire, but still go to him and try again.

Review: Not an ordinary slot

Raven 33

It is not an ordinary slot at all, and it came to the liking of many players. I agree that the slot is heavily smeared and can play with no matches at all, and the matches are very weak – if few symbols are played. A cool feature when you get to the end and a big wilt jumps on the reel.

Review: My Best Game

Josh J

One of the best, but also one of the most mashable slots from the Reactoonz playngo. A lot of interesting features and the most important thing in the slot is to go all the way to the end and score all the batteries at once! In terms of sound, the slot is nice, in terms of design too. And the min-bet is mostly not big (4-8p).

Review: Very Interesting!

Anatoly 55

Very interesting slot machine deserves special attention. Because the slot is a lot of all the different bonuses that you rarely meet you will not even upset the absence of the jackpot.

Review: Reactoonz is amazing!

Melanie A

One of the best machines I’ve ever seen. The lines add up by themselves, sometimes just like weave in an empty space, and oops, you win a lot. And sometimes quite the opposite happens. In any case, it’s fun, and these freaks are also cool.
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